As well as translating documents in Old German handwriting  and Fraktur typeface, I offer transcription services for old scripts, e.g.  Kanzleischrift, Kurrentschrift, or Sütterlin, which were used in German-speaking areas from the 1700s right through to the middle of the 20th century.

At times you probably feel that you would be able to read the German document IF it was written in modern script! This is where I can help by preparing a transcription of your original, handwritten text without translation. You will receive the German text of your document typed in Word format and can then decide to have it translated at a later stage if required.

Audio files and video files (depending on their quality) can also be transcribed.

Dear Elisabeth, Wow, that was super fast! Thank you Sincerely.
— Ayako — Latina Int.Corp. — 2013